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Cookie Jam Match 3 Games v12.50.109 MOD (Infinite Coins/Lives/Extra Moves) APK

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Descriptions :Match 3 game, old but never out of excitementWhy do so many people love match 3 games on mobile? Everyone

Descriptions :

Match 3 game, old but never out of excitement

Why do so many people love match 3 games on mobile? Everyone has to answer this question themselves. You may or may not like this classic color block game. But whether you like it or not, everyone has to admit that it’s easy to play, accessible, and almost always very entertaining. It’s a colorful game that you can turn on and play anytime, anywhere, even while studying or working online. It’s like brain exercise at the most basic and simple level. A bit challenging to awaken your focus, stimulate your images and emotions and relax your mind. Is that reason enough for

millions of people to come to match 3 games of any kind?

No matter how many match 3 games out there and no matter what form they take, there will never be an end or decline for match 3 gaming on mobile. The match 3 game is becoming even more popular, especially with the convenient touch-drag mechanism of today’s smartphones.

Cookie Jam, a match 3 game for those who like sweets

There are many ways to incorporate themes into a match 3 game. Sometimes this classic match 3 gameplay is the main factor of a whole game, sometimes it is just an excuse to build a house, design a garden and other things, or sometimes match 3 game is combined with a game genre (eg -Games, card games, puzzles, adventures, interactive novels). Well, there are countless ways for makers to use Match-3 to reach users.

But if you’re looking for a pure match 3 game that doesn’t mix with other genres, has fun colors and a super cute theme, then Cookie Jam is a must. This super easy mobile game will amaze you with over 6000 different match 3 levels. And it all takes place in the delicious confectionery realm.

Gameplay and interesting things

Cookie Jam is a pure match 3 game. Your task is to swap the positions of the tasty cookies to match them by dragging and touching them. If there are at least 3 cookies of the same type and color in the same horizontal or vertical row, they will immediately disappear from the screen and you will get points. And so on, until the number of deleted cookies reaches a certain level according to the requirements of each level, you will earn points and go to the next more difficult level.

There is nothing to deepen in the gameplay of Cookie Jam, it is all very classic. There are no surprises or unknown elements in the game.

But the special thing that helps Cookie Jam make its mark in the hearts of players is your journey to this sweet candy kingdom. More than 6000 levels on many islands and many different themes. And you, as Chef Panda, will go through them in turn to learn, discover and conquer the most delicious cakes in the world.

Each level in Cookie Jam has its own challenge. And you must complete this level to open the door to the next level. So the match 3 challenge keeps getting longer and the fun will last forever.

Up to a certain level, you start collecting cute pets. Each of them has a special power that increases the ability to break the layers of chocolate and helps you get a variety of delicious cookies and waffles. The longer you play, the stronger the power, the more colorful screens it has.

By combining two or three methods in the same match 3 game, the gameplay always feels seamless, and each win gives more incentive to keep the game going.

Colorful and fun graphics

My favorite in Cookie Jam is looking at colors. The cartoon graphic style here is very fun. Thanks to the game, I know that there are so many types of cookies in this world. Their color is unspeakably delicious. Thanks to this, the already convenient match-3 is now even more relaxed. You know, bright colors lift your spirits and give you more energy. Just play the game and you will feel comfortable, light and happy. Why don’t you try it?

Features :

* The game is available for free and you can enjoy this puzzle game with many other players.
* Earn prizes and rewards in the limited-time events.
* Get power-ups and combos as you play and experience all the fun of this puzzle game.
* The game comes with thousands of unique levels and new ones are added every week.
* Challenge your friends and family by connecting to social networks.
* Good exercise for your brain by playing various tricky puzzles.

Cookie Jam Match MOD Features:

In this mod version that gives you unlimited in-game currency or coins. If you use the mod version, you can easily master this game and become the ultimate cookie chef.

This version gives you unlimited coins and therefore unlimited power-ups and twists. You can easily win and make the gameplay even more addictive by using this mod version and take your rank in the game to a whole new level.

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