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Carelife – Personal Safety App apk

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Carelife is a free and offline personal safety app focused on ensuring the safety of yours & your loved ones during emer

Carelife is a free and offline personal safety app focused on ensuring the safety of yours & your loved ones during emergencies with features like emergency SOS activation, offline location tracking & verified disaster alerts. Unique features that completely ensure your safety make Care life the best personal safety app.

Carelife Basic Features-

* Emergency SOS Activation
Carelife emergency SOS activation manages your emergencies and panic situations more effectively. Upon activation, Care life makes automated emergency alerts, emergency calls, and loud personal safety alarms. Emergency alerts (SOS messages) containing your location, type of emergency & emergency information are sent to your selected contacts and updated alerts will be sent when your location changes. Automated emergency calls are made to emergency services. Emergency siren alarms are produced to get public help. These bring efficient help and assistance within seconds in an emergency.

* Voice Command Activation
SOS activation is made easy with voice commands in this safety app. You only need to say a keyword to start the activation process. You can also select your preferred English accent. Voice activation works even if your device is locked or kept away from you. Also, no internet connection is required for this feature to work. Voice activation gives the SOS help every time even without touching the phone.

* Safety App widgets and panic button
Activate SOS from your device home screen using the app widget. Tapping on the appropriate icon starts the SOS activation process. Tapping on 6 different Panic buttons (Emergency buttons) in the app also starts the emergency management process.

Carelife Premium Features-

* Offline Location Tracking
Track location of your family members and kids even if they are not connected to the internet. You can track your family at any time without their intervention after they allow you once. You can also allow your favorite contacts to track you anytime. Locate another phone anytime in less than one minute. You can see their location on the map. This is useful to locate family members, kids and it is the best family locator app.

* Receive Emergency Alerts & Warnings
Receive emergency alerts and SOS messages from your contacts and help them more effectively. You will receive an emergency notification when any of your loved ones are in danger and activates SOS.

* Verified Disaster Alerts
Get disaster alerts, news, and warnings along with verified emergency management numbers for your region. You will receive contact details of up to 30 emergency services. Care life acts as a disaster alert app and helps you in your disaster recovery.

* Disaster Safety Tips
Read or listen to essential disaster tips to help you in disaster preparedness. Valid and necessary safety tips for disaster recovery is available for 24 types of disasters. If you are not able to read, let Care life read it to you.

* Localization and Guide
Get the app in 90+ languages with a feature-wise guide to help you use the app. Use Carelife app easier.

Other Features-

* Multi-functional personal safety/women safety/emergency/SOS app.
* No internet connection is required to use the app. This ensures your safety 24*7.
* No ads. No interruptions.
* No signup/login.
* None of your data other than your state & country is collected outside your device. All other data you submit is stored in your device itself. You do not have to worry about your personal information.

Download APK(2.3.4)

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