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Shiny Update & Anniversary Thanksgiving Event Now Held!We have prepared a lot of premium features, anniversary gifts and

Shiny Update & Anniversary Thanksgiving Event Now Held!
We have prepared a lot of premium features, anniversary gifts and popular events, so please enjoy it!

[Characteristics of shiny]
● Fast-growing voice community
• Easy delivery: Easy delivery even for beginners! You can show off your daily life and special skills as a V-tuber or by delivering only a voice without a face!
• Free delivery method: Let’s liven up the delivery with various functions such as singing, voice drama, question box, collaboration, call, delusional chat, quick push song!
• Share photos and videos: Share your everyday life and your favorite works with your friends!
• Communication other than distribution: Let’s enjoy together with comments and likes such as DM and chat!
• Circle: Create a secret base with like-minded friends! You can also hold an original event!
• You can also create a 2D character and use it as a V tuber!
• Enjoy exclusive content such as voice plays, voice dramas, and albums!

● [Addition of new functions] Content that allows you to enjoy original works such as voice / voice dramas and drama CDs has been added!

● Let’s support your dream of becoming a popular river!
Singing / playing, love bana, ASMR, chat, voice drama, novels and other unique rivers are always available!
Give a variety of cute gifts unique to shiny and let your favorite rivers call your name!
Chance to get along! Let’s make our dreams come true together!

● Become famous by appearing in official programs, projects and advertisements!
There are many chances to appear in official programs and projects with popular voice actor offices and companies!
There is also a chance to appear in the original voice advertisement! People outside the app will also know!
Let’s reach out to many people!

● Safety and security support
We are creating an environment where you can enjoy the app comfortably, such as the NG word function and 24-hour monitoring system.

[Recommended for people like this]
● For those who “want to deliver”:
• Looking for an app like Clubhouse
• I don’t want to show my face, but I want to deliver it only with vtuber (V tuber) or voice
(You can create your own virtual character! You can also distribute it with your favorite character using custom cast etc.)
• Talk and confidence in your voice
• I like to entertain people
• I want to make more friends with common music and games
• I want to enjoy earning while playing
• I want many people to see my singing ability and special skills
• I want to create my own project or fan club
• I want to post a novel and read it in my own voice
• I want to gather fans by playing and talking
• Such rivers are also active! I’ve used Iliam, Teller, Pre-Novel, Reality, and radio talk!
• I want to join the fan circle of Nijisanji and Holo Live and share my hobbies.

● For those who “want to hear”:
• I want to find the voice of fate
• I want to hear popular voice actors and works using voice
• I want to express myself using audio / video posting
• I want to relax and listen to the reading of the novel
• I want to find my favorite singer
• I want to watch buoy live for free
• Feel delusional by chatting and listening with delusions
• I want to listen to popular serialized works such as voice dramas.

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