Art of Earthify – 3D Earth Live Wallpaper v3.9.5 APK for Android download

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A highly customizable 3D Earth live wallpaper so you can adjust it to how you want it to look like!🌍🌑☀️Main features:�

A highly customizable 3D Earth live wallpaper so you can adjust it to how you want it to look like!
Main features:
➤ 🌈 Polar lights (Aurora Borealis)
➤ 🌩️ Lightning
➤ ⛅ Sun reflections
➤ ⛰️ Bumpmapping (height-mapping)
➤ ✨ Citylights (sparkling and glowing)
➤ ☁️ Clouds (with clouds shadows)
➤ 🌪️ Live clouds (needs internet connection)
➤ ☄️ Atmosphere
➤ 🌊 Ocean shading
➤ 🛰️ Current location display
➤ 🗺️ Flat Earth mode
➤ 🔎 Lens flare
➤ 💡 Lighting modes
➤ 🌕 Moon camera perspective mode
➤ 🌟 3D Milky Way background (2D also possible)
➤ ⭐ Sparkling stars
➤ 🔺 Extremely high texture quality
➤ 🌐 Customizable model quality
➤ 🤖 Custom models
➤ 🕒 Real-time rotations of the Earth, Moon and Sun
➤ ⏳ High precision physics (and high accuracy)
➤ ⌚ Date/time text
➤ 🔦 Field of view
➤ ↗️ Camera offset
➤ 🔁 Animation mode
➤ 🔄 Camera autorotation
➤ 🌎 Geosynchronous rotation
➤ 📍 Fix on location
➤ 👆 Rotations using touch input
➤ 📲 Launcher swipe input
➤ 🧭 Rotations using sensor(s) input
➤ 🎵 React to audio/music playback (Visualizer)
➤ 📝 Show custom text or time
➤ 🔋 Battery saving options
➤ 🔧 Many more tweakable options and features
Note 1:
Custom textures can be stored in /Android/data/com.aeroshark333.artofearthify/files/data/ArtOfEarthify/ under the name ‘textureX.png’ where X is a number from 0 to 4 (.jpg .gif .bmp and .webp (if your device supports .webp) are supported as well).
Note 2:
You can also use custom models for the Earth, Moon, Sun and background
Place your model files in /Android/data/com.aeroshark333.artofearthify/files/data/ArtOfEarthify/ and rename the models to earth.3ds moon.3ds sun.3ds background.3ds (various other models extensions are also support)
Note 3:
You can create and use your own custom shaders. Name them (for example) earth_fragment.txt and place them in /Android/data/com.aeroshark333.artofearthify/files/data/ArtOfEarthify/.
Some words from the developer:
I made this live wallpaper application extremely customizable in the hope that users (who will be using this live wallpaper) can create the Earth Live Wallpaper to their own perspectives of how they want it to look like! Enjoy my creation! ^.^
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):
[Q1] Why does the application need the Microphone permission?
[A1] So the Live Wallpaper can internally use the audio/music playback data for visualisation purposes (visualizer). The microphone is not used, however.
[Q2] What will change when I purchase a premium license?
[A2] All settings with a ‘[PRO]’ tag will be unlocked. You are already allowed to try ‘[PRO]’ settings, but these will not be applied when using the Live Wallpaper on the lock/homescreen
[Q3] Does the Live Wallpaper drain a lot of battery?
[A3] It depends the usage. The more the Live Wallpaper is on the foreground, the more battery it will consume. In most cases, Live Wallpapers use more battery than static wallpapers.
Permissions (all are optional):
Internet/Network -> Downloading live clouds textures
Location -> Show location on the Earth in the Live Wallpaper
Microphone -> Live Wallpaper audio visualizer
Storage -> Loading/Writing/Saving custom textures/models/shaders from/to external storage and texture/geometry swap options
Milkyway Photograph Image (
HSV-Alpha Color Picker (
Textures (
Live clouds (
Information sources (,
Please report ideas, suggestions, complaints, errors, bugs and glitches to
[email protected] !

Download APK(30.7MB)

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